Tax accounting

Establishment of accounting

One of the factors that determine the profitability and durability of your business is having a well-established accounting system. In this regard, we can give you recommendations on your optimal tax regime before you start operating, and once you start your business, we can do your accounting in accordance with the law.

Optimization of tax payments

Every business owner has the right to reduce tax payments by taking advantage of the concessions and privileges provided for in the tax code. Our experts will analyze your current tax regime and identify existing risks and shortcomings, as well as prepare proposals for your business to enjoy the concessions and privileges provided by law.

Restoration of accounting

After identifying the existing problems and shortcomings in your tax accounting by our experts during the analysis, we will prepare proposals for their elimination and carry out the maximum possible restoration of your accounting.

Submission of reports

Calculation of all types of taxes, preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, annual reports. Correspondence with the tax authority after the submission of reports, daily control of the client's online tax accounts.