SEO Optimization, SEO Engineering

How does SEO work?

Search engine algorithms rate sites on an average of 200 different criteria, and rankings are determined accordingly. Some of these factors are internal to the site and some are external to the site. After a thorough audit, SEO experts determine how well your site meets these criteria, and then the optimization process begins. Different methods and techniques can be used during SEO optimization, but in this case it is necessary to try not to go beyond the instructions of search engines.

What is on-page and off-page SEO?

·       On-page SEO – i.e. site’s internal SEO is the process of optimizing systems’ bots. When doing on-site SEO, both the content and the structure of the site, HTML and CSS code are improved.

·       Off-page SEO – that is, site's external SEO is the steps taken to promote your site on the Internet and increase the authority of the domain. This includes hyperlinks, PR articles, etc. that come to the site from different sites.

What is White-Hat and Black-Hat SEO?

There are various techniques and methods to increase traffic from search engines and get to the forefront. SEO is divided into "white-hat" and "black-hat" depending on whether these methods meet the requirements of search engines. White SEO is the name given to the optimization work carried out in accordance with the rules adopted by search engines, as well as what we apply and recommend. Black SEO, as the name implies, is a way to get higher rankings and traffic in ways that are against the rules.