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What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising service owned by Google. But don't confuse it with AdWords. Thus, AdWords is used to advertise. In other words, as an entrepreneur, with AdWords you can advertise to people your company or any service. Of course, in order to advertise with AdWords, you have to pay a certain fee.

Whereas AdSense is used to place advertisements of entrepreneurs on your web page.

I think you have a website (maybe a YouTube channel). You have allocated ad space on your page and you want to make money. By opening an AdSense account (the account is opened for free), you create ad sections in that account and place the codes of those sections on your website. As a result, ads are displayed to users in that section. When users click on the shown ads and go to the ad page, a certain amount of money will be credited to your AdSense account. You must have money in your account up to the cash limit to cash the amount in your account. This limit varies depending on the currency in your account. For example, if your account is a dollar account (a dollar account is provided for Azerbaijan), cashing is possible when the $ 100 limit is reached. This amount is 200TL for Turkish lira accounts. 

It should also be noted that AdSense is not as low-level as any other money-making services. It is a way to make money legally in a professional way, and abroad, not to go too far, hundreds of people in Turkey earn thousands a month through AdSense. Of course, making money with AdSense is not an easy task, but it is not impossible.

The following is important to make money with AdSense:

·         Your page should have high daily traffic, i.e. thousands of people should visit your page every day.

·         Just accessing your page is not important. Users who visit your page should click on the ads so you could make money. For this, your page should be designed in the interests of people, and include interesting, detailed information. When the information is detailed, the user is shown ads that match the information on that page, and the user is more likely to access the ad.

·         The rules set by AdSense must be read carefully and strictly followed. Otherwise, your account may be blocked, even if you have the earned amount on your account. Even they have the right to block without warning.

·         Your website must be in languages supported by AdSense. For example: in English, Russian, and Turkish.


What is Google AdWords? What are the advantages of advertising in Google AdWords?

It's easy to offer a product or service at Google AdWords, the world's leading advertising marketplace. Google AdWords, which gives every company a chance to advertise, is very easy to use, fast, and reaches a wide audience. If used properly, the efficiency is high and there is competition between the words chosen for advertising.

Google AdWords is very simple to use. Of course, it is more expedient to use expert help in this case as well. Advertisers pay for each visit through Google AdWords. Google AdWords is one of the most used Google services because it is easy to use.

Assists in setting budget

Before you submit AdWords ads, you must first set your budget and take action accordingly. The more money you spend here, the more you will be in the forefront. When introducing a product, keep in mind that the pay-per-click system is valid.

Determining keyword

If you have set your budget, you should not forget the second important issue. The second key issue is choosing the right keyword. SEO professionals play an important role in this work. Thus, these specialists must choose the right words and phrases that match the product. These options will help the user find your products and services faster. An example of this is Dominos' ad on Google AdWords. So when a user searches for "Order Lahmacun", "Pizza or Lahmacun?" question or suggestions for other Domino's products appears. In this way, Dominos was able to quadruple its online sales. That is, when advertising, it is important to find simple but creative ideas that affect people's thinking. Because advertising is one of the factors that affect people's subconscious.

Advantages of advertising on different sites

You also have the opportunity to advertise on other sites. You can demonstrate your products on sites owned or partnered by Google. In addition, you can choose on which site to present your ads. Websites with a visual advertising network can also make your job easier.

How ads are ranked

Not all AdWords ads appear on the first page of Google's search engine. To do this, you need to be careful when choosing keywords and correctly mark on the labels the titles that the user can search for.

Why AdWords? - Gives a chance to present your ad to millions!

It is almost impossible to come across with classic means of communication in the virtual world. Now everyone is communicating with each other via the Internet. Advertising, one of the most important branches of the Internet, plays a special role in this area. Of course, the fact that the advertising sector is on the Internet, allows you to reach a larger audience. AdWords stands out in this area, as it is possible to advertise on the web for different price.

In addition, the main advantages of advertising on Google are:

·      It is possible to show your ad to millions of people.

·      Your ad is visible to everyone 7/24.

·      It is easier to present your product or service to the target audience.

·      You can advertise according to your budget.

·      You pay according to the number of clicks.

·      You can analyze the user's wishes.

·      You control your ads.

·      Easy to manage. Revenue-Expenses-Performance is measurable.

·      It is up to you to choose categories such as country, city, region.

·      You can even set the language of your ad. That is, when the user searches, your ad may appear in the selected language.

·      You can set the display time to any day and hour you want.

·      You can adjust or change your annual, monthly, weekly and daily plans to suit your budget.

·      It is possible to achieve high efficiency simply by presenting your products and services to the target audience.