Our advantages

BERC Group always differs from others in terms of providing quality services to its customers in various areas of business.  Thus, the company is represented by people who have experience in various areas of the financial sector. In this regard, our specialists, who collectively substantiate their individual experience and skills, closely assist business entities in making and implementing development-oriented decisions. In addition, BERC offers its customers the following opportunities:           

1.  Various services

The possibility to get the financial, customs, logistics, legal, trade, and IT services you need in one place to ensure the sustainability of your business will allow you to manage your business more conveniently and effectively.

2.  Relations with world countries

Our relations not only within Azerbaijan, but also with the CIS, Turkey, China and European countries, as well as the provision of our services with qualified staff will help you to establish and develop business relations with these countries.

3.  Organization of financing

Whether it is bank financing or investors' interest in your field, if you want to have more alternative financial opportunities in this direction, then we can closely assist you in organizing financing.